Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Happy new year

I hope yours was as good as ours. we went skiing in the Pyrenees and stayed at a beautiful house in llivia, the spanish enclave just inside France, thanks to the huge generosity of our friends pepe and nene.

it was utterly blissful. gentle downhill cruising on the snowy slopes at font romeu, sunny blue skies, extreme cold, open fires and when the snow fell again, snowmen and snowball fights. we toasted marshmallows and watched endless episodes of desperate housewives on the DVD. and all this just two hours from our doorstep...i cant remember a nicer new year anywhere. back today to the warmth of barcelona and work.

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Viva Las Divas said...

ahem. ben and i toasted marshmallows. you never toasted or ate a single one if i remember correctly, you said that they had too many additives in them.