Friday, February 15, 2008

The train is here

16 years after arriving in Sevilla, a beautiful town of no economic importance whatseover (but home of the ruling prime minister) ...

two months after the last promised 'drop dead' date, the attempt to meet which caused massive problems to the local rail network ...

Barcelona gets its AVE high speed rail link to Madrid. 

The delays and maladministration have probably done more to fire Catalan self-government than any heady political movement could.  When national development minister Magdalena Alvarez swept into town last week to announce the launch date, she was greeted like Typhoid Mary by the Catalan administration who failed to send anyone to meet her at the station. 

But it does look impressive. 

From next Wednesday it  will be as quick as 2h 38m to cover the 400 miles to the capital. The Landers will be on board on 16 March for a planned visit there having snapped up a set of tickets at 42 euros each way. 

Not bad when you think that you get 50% back if you are 15 mins late and the whole lot back after a 30 minute delay.

Saturday, February 02, 2008

Let it be noted ...

... that Ben's team, CP Sarria Alevin B, has now won five games on the bounce (after losing six of the first seven) and has charged up the league from 11th (out of 13)  to 7th and could go 6th next week if the results go right.  

This follows today's thrashing of Parc UD 7-2. Next week sees the second half of the season. Onwards and upwards!

Pascal’s big night out in Barcelona

Arsenal reject and fat lump defender Pascal Cygan came with Vilareal to the Camp Nou on Thursday night for a Kings Cup tie. Here’s the story of his evening:

There’s Pascal
He's big, old, slow and bald
There’s Leo
Leo’s young, fast, lithe and has long hair

Watch Leo run!
See Pascal’s eyes
Pascal is scared

Pascal has an idea
‘I’ll stick my leg out to stop Leo’

Here comes the ref
Waving his nice yellow card!

Now here’s the free kick
Pascal is watching the ball
He is not watching Thierry
Who scores with a free header

Boo hoo!
Vilareal are losing!
Pascal claps his hands and says
'Come on, we can still win this one!'

(One minute later)
Here comes Leo again!
He runs even faster
Pascal has another idea
‘I’ll stick my leg out to stop Leo’

Here comes the ref
Waving his nice red card!

Off you go Pascal!
You're a complete idiot say his teammates
Night, night say the crowd!