Monday, August 21, 2006

Double Top

A brief intra-holiday intercourse to note one of the rare occasions when my two favourite teams both played out of their skin. United walked over Fulham with what sounded like some wonderful football. I am old enough to remember when they started the season with five goals in 20 minutes and went on to win the league that year. Yesterday was four inside 20 minutes ....

Then at 10pm, Ben and I had the privilege of goign to the Camp Nou to watch Barca claim their first trophy of the season, walloping Espanol 3-0 in the 2nd leg of the Spanish Super Cup.

All three goals came from sublime moves down the wing. And while they were flattered by the tawdriness of the opposition, it was wonderful to watch. Beletti now has free rein to overlap down the right while Messi looks taller, stronger and even more dangerous than last year. Thuram played the second half and looked very classy, despite his advanced years. Gudjohnson also played 45 minutes and looked like he was enjoying himself. There will be few to match Barca this season if they continue to play like this.

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