Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Merce, merce me; the Bollanders come to twon

A famous weekend in Barcelona, not only for the Merce, the biggest holiday weekend of the year but also for the visit of my sister and her family. And wonderful it was despite some foul weather on the Saturday. With shopping, eating and visits to La Boqueria and the Barca football museum there was something for everybody.

The culmination was all of us sitting in the Gods of the Camp Nou on Sunday night to watch Barca and Valencia fight out a pretty even 1-1 draw while fireworks for the festival exploded over the beach in the background.

I then went through the old city with Rebecca and my teenage niece and nephew touring the various sound stages that were part of the BAM music festival. Every square and street was heaving with people while many thousands more were watching other bands down at the Forum.

Doubtless it was all pretty uncool for the teenagers to be accompanied by their aged uncle, but they were heartily cheered up by hot chocolate and churros at the wonderful CafĂ© de L’Opera on La Rambla.

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