Sunday, January 28, 2007

The furs are out

It's chilly - hardly Arctic and still very sunny - but at least it is cold enough for the good ladies of Turo Parc to get their furs out after the exceptionally mild winter. And they have done so in droves; I counted at least six on the way to the paper stand this morning. There are two or three fur shops around hear and neither they or the wearers seem at all worried about being attacked by the anti-furistas as would be the case in the UK. And very fine they look too; these two dears are just on their way back to their flat for a nice cup of tea and a pastry after a none-too-taxing stroll around the park.

1 comment:

Christophe said...

Richard, next Sunday take a couple of paint cans and please tag these ladies coats with a spanish flag. Ah, and of course, then run very fast. You will kill two birds with one tag, protecting animals and working out!