Thursday, March 06, 2008

The blog is back

Sorry it's been so quiet, we've been launching a website and very nice it looks too. So a quick round up:

good week:
  • Celtic fans: loyal, funny and well behaved to the last. They put their Rangers rivals to shame
  • The Barcelona municipality for learning the lessons of the Rangers visit and entertaining them with paella, music, beer and big screens in Montjuic instad of letting them piss all over Plaza Catalunya
  • Jose Luis Zapatero.  Looks like the PM will get back in at this weekend's general election. He's outsmarted the unpleasant Mariano Rajoy in both TV debates and generally run a brighter and more optimistic campaign. Perhaps Zapatero's Catalan list leader Carme Chac√≥n went a little too far in comparing him with Ronaldinho however ...
bad week:
  • The Celtic team. Now we knew they had no chance but we had no idea they would be so craven and pathetic in defeat. The fans deserved better
  • Real Madrid: another year, another failure to get to the quarter finals of the Champions League. shameful
  • Leo Messi. Hamstrings of cotton. Out for six weeks. He weeps, we weep. While you wait for him to return, read John Carlin's marvellous profile of the wonderkid
  • Mariano Rajoy: it's the end my friend. Possibly the last time a bearded man will run for the highest office in a western European democracy. 

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