Saturday, August 20, 2005

bit more relaxed

After ikea, the car and the bank we took things a bit easier today. first stop today was the marvellous just reopened market of santa cantalina in the centre of town with sweeping wooden roofs designed by the same firm that did the Scottish parliameant. we bought very little except from delicious teruel ham, cheese and (sigh) white peaches which we took home and scoffed for lunch round our dining table.

then we went up to the olympic swimming pool above the city in montjuich park and swam there - something i have always wanted to do. as we did the storm clouds gathered and a huge shower burst over the pool with the torrential rain crashing like stones on the azure water.

And to round things off, a trip up to the hills above Barcelona for dinner at Can Carbonell, a rustic Catalan restaurant on a dirt track in the heart of the national park above the city. great food from the fire and stunning views on the way back including the Camp Nou abalaze with light as Barca played Betis in the Spanish cup.

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