Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Easy city

Lunch at one of our favourite Barcelona restaurants – Bestiari, just around the corner from our little flat in El Born. Tragically inflation has taken the cost of the fixed lunch from E10 to E15 in the time I have been going there – that for a wonderful, three course meal that toady included chilled melon soup or risotto, fillet steak and dessert, wine, bread and water. You couldn’t eat at Pret in London for that price.

The whole city is very easy to get along with. Cheap and reliable public transport or you can drive into town and park for £1.50 an hour. Or take a taxi to get there for £3. Compare and contrast with London where you pay a king's ransom for crap public transport or take massively expensive taxis or £4.50 to park in the centre.

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