Friday, September 02, 2005

Skule Daze

Very much one of those. First to visit the school itself so that Ben and bex could meet teachers etc. Langauges galore - Bex Catalan, Spanish and French, Ben gets Spanish and German.

Then a second mortgage job on uniforms (but we have done so well hitherto with hand me downs for both The Hall and SHHS) at Aguilera, the school outfitters just opposite the Sagrada Familia. Winter and summer uniforms for both and both seem to like theirs. Bex has a padded shoulder gray jacket and Ben a white polo neck and red jumper that makes him look like he is set for 18 holes at Sunningdale. Pix to follow.

Other news - still very hot (and weathermen say more to come). And they still haven't finished building the church ...

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