Monday, September 05, 2005

Deep in the country

one of the amazing things about Barcelona is how near the deep country is - a mile to be precise. On Saturday we followed a tip in the local paper for a 'fiesta' in a part of town called font del mont. It turned out to be a hamlet up the winding roads leading in the direction of the Tibidabo mountain.

What we saw when we got there was a children's show in the open air, free hot chocolate and preparations for the night's communal dinner and ball. It had all the hallmarks of La France Profonde yet was literally five minutes from Barcelona's North Circular. It was pretty much the same on Sunday when we visited friends in a nearby area which is a national park. We tramped for two hours through the forest full of horses, wild boar and goats (60, lost according to two guys who asked if we'd seen them). Yet they can be downtown in 20 minutes.

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