Monday, September 26, 2005

Don’t get me started

Off to Copenhagen for work. First visit to Denmark and I hope my last – it seems to be a very unfriendly city with sad, unsmiling people. Having been promised there would be a sandwich when I arrived late at my hotel I get there to find there is none because I hadn’t specified that I really would want one and what variety. What?

The following morning I decided to hop into the city centre. The ticket clerk at the station tells me I can only use a Danish credit card and so I must go to a cash machine and get Kroner.

The capital is a grim, grey place with more unsmiling people. Even at 8.30am practically nowhere is open for breakfast and I get a stale roll and cheese in a dimly lit shopping centre. Back in the suburb where my interview is the focus of the town, the 1960s monstrosity that is the local civic centre is full of £1 shops and a dimly lit pub which is packed at 10am with smoking beer drinkers.

Wonderful, wonderful Copenhagen? I don’t think so.

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