Saturday, November 19, 2005

'a piece of magic'

3-0 in the bernabeu. I'll run that one again

3-0 in the bernabeu to barcelona.

real madrid hardly turned up as two goals from ronaldinho (one that would make the top 10 of anyone's list) and one from eto'o demolished las blancas. beckham hardly got a touch. it would have been 7-0 had madrid's goalie not been on such good form. the stadium was half empty by the end.

As El Mundo Deportivo put it:

El Barça disfrutó jugando al fútbol en el Bernabéu y humilló al Real Madrid en su propio estadio. - Barça enjoyed playing football in the Bernabéu and humiliated Real Madrid in its own stadium.

ben and i watched in the packed Bar Mandri one of the neighbourhbood's rather good bars and emerged to a cocophanous array of hooting motor scooters. only the 14th victory there in 75 years; rijkaard becomes the first barca manager to win there twice.

Rijkaard's verdict: ' [Ronaldinho] estuvo fenomenal'

Ben's verdict: 'Ronaldinho isn't human - he's a piece of magic'

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