Sunday, December 17, 2006

Good news, bad news

  • the sun is still shining in Barcelona and it remains freakishly warm for this time of year
  • the city is aglow in soft, white and very calming christmas lights
  • the markets are looking magnficent. we went to La Boqueria to pick up a goose and a duck for a pre-christmas dinner with friends and we reminded what a special place it was.
  • the very bourgeois delis and wine shops around us have the christmas best on with displays of whole hams, cava, nuts, dried fruits and turron filling their windows, while the flower stalls have dozens of poinsettias for sale.
  • It's Chanukah! and the city's jewish community celebrated with an open air party in the park by our flat. Yiddish music in the heart of Barcelona
  • We ate at Cinc Sentits and it was as good as ever


  • It looks like the Ashes are over
  • United and Barca both lost. Not a goal between them
  • Too much sun means no snow in the Pyrenees. The ski resorts lost the December holiday weekend and now it looks like they will lose Christmas as well.

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