Thursday, April 26, 2007

It's youth recognition week on this blog

The Landers in Barcelona Blog is taking a stance against the traducing of our youth as a bunch of good for nothing, drug addicted, TV obsessed, YouTube gawping lazybones (sounds fun actually, where do I sign up?).

Yes we're introducing our own Youth Recognition Week. So step forward the following members of the extended Lander Clan, who each deserve a case of Vodka alcopops!
  • Ben for bravely suffering some nasty pain as he struggles around on crutches, having badly sprained his ankle on the futbol sala court. Not fun at all
  • Rebecca for writing this wonderful, funny, warm and wise post on her Blog which gets far more visits than this one.

  • My nephew William for completing the London marathon in intense heat and despite a hugely nasty injury. Double points for raising tons of money for charity. See above as he auditions for night of the living dead

  • His sister Jules for landing a teaching job at an inner London primary school. Her pupils will end up running the country

  • My nieces Rose and Rachel who are having to revise in the balmy English early summer for important school exams.

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