Thursday, May 03, 2007

United: the impossible dream

This song is over
I'm left with only tears
I must remember
Even if it takes a million years

As Pete Townshend would have put it.

Or to look at it another way, it has been The Impossible Dream - the label given to the Boston Red Sox baseball team in 1967 when a losing team of hopelessly low expectations played beyond their wildest dreams to come within an inch of the sport's top prize.

Sounds familiar? Who would have thought back in August we would have made it to the edge of the Champions League final, and still be on the edge of the domestic double, after two years of dreary hopeless football? And produced one of the most amazing nights of European football ever seen, anywhere?

Other consolations from last night:

  • We lost by a country mile - no lousy decisions, shots against the post, lucky saves - against an amazing team.
  • We played really badly. No excuses
  • Chelsea lost as well
  • The two bottles of Ferret Guasch rose cava that Pepon brought round

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