Tuesday, September 23, 2008

the blog is back

It´s been almost three months since the last post. A pretty standard Spanish summer break, especially up here where no sooner are people back on 1 Sep than you have time off for the national day (the 11th) and the wonderful Merce festival (ongoing until tomorrow).

As per usual it has rained during the Merce, which is good for the Catalan mushroom industry. And between the showers we managed to take in the fireworks, the fantastic light show on the front of the Ajuntamente building, a brilliant concert by Barcelona based latin salsa group La Sucursal SA and the annual Catalan wine and cava show at the port.

And Barca are back; after a few nervy displays they looked wonderful as they demolished Gijon 6-1 on Sunday. Make no move until you have seen the fourth goal from the genius Iniesta or read Sid Lowe´s jolly tale of how the Gijon crowd are so happy to be back in Primera they sang ever louder as more Barca goals went in.

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