Wednesday, October 01, 2008

They don't make football derbies like that anymore ...

  • 19 local players in the squads
  • 2 local managers
  • a dodgy sending off
  • home team takes the lead after opposing goalie is fouled
  • away team equalises after lucky rebound from defender 
  • away fans lob fireworks on home supporters
  • away team attacks non stop but repelled by woodwork and stout defending
  • pompous ref stops game for 10 minutes
  • away team wins game with last kick of the match in the 104th minute - a highly dubious penalty
  • police, football authorities, home team, away team all blame each other for allowing violence to happen
  • away team captain says they're not real fans ... deplorable ... shocking, having gone to celebrate with them when winning goal goes in
Oh yes they do. Espanyol vs Barca, 27 sep 2008.  see it here

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