Friday, October 14, 2005


we were going to see a film but we ended up going with friends to botafumeiro, one of the best and most famous fish restaurants in Barceona - and Galician like all the best ones. A huge place in the heart of Gracia it's open every day until 1am, with all sort of rooms coming off the main one, very smart, wood pannelled, white jacketed waiters etc. It was exceptionally rainy (again) and the whole place filled up early (by BCN standards) with people trying to escape the deluge. By 9.30pm it was packed with bougeois Catalonians.
The food was wonderful - I had Galician broth followed by squid with vermicelli and a reather powerful rioja. we never made the film but ended up instead in one of those little bars that Gracia (and Barcelona) does so well - packed full of good looking people having a good time. Great cocktails.

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