Monday, October 24, 2005

call me neptune ...

... or St. Swithins or whoever it is that brings rain. Having done my bit to end the drought in barcelona, it promptly starts deluging in NYC five hours after my arrival. Oh yes and 40 mph winds. it's a hurricane in all but name

i venture out in the foul evening to see les paul, basically the inventor of the electric guitar who continues to play at the iridium club every monday night.

Les was born in 1915 which by my watch makes him 90. he still looks extraordinarily fit in mind and body and can still play the guitar just like ringing a bell as the old saying goes. basically grandfathered anyone who is anyone in guitar playing, most notably steve miller who grew up at his feet in minnesota.

George Melly - not yet 80 and not in very good shape at all - eat your heart out.

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