Wednesday, February 08, 2006

enrique morente

we went to see enrique morente, one of spain's leading flamenco singers, last night at a packed palau de la musica. it was one of the most powerful, emotional concerts I have ever seen - a controlled passion rising up from a semi strangled voice that seemed to combine all sorts of sephardic elements in it.

It was all a million miles from the the traditional tourist flamenco pap - he is seen here as the man who reinvented flamenco here and has worked with African, Cuban and punk musicians. He has also adapted poems by Federico García Lorca and songs by Leonard Cohen.

He is on at Sadler's Wells in London next week. Not to be missed if you around.

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LBlack said...

Enrique Morente rocks! Saw him at BAM in Brooklyn last year -- his whole second act was with a howling grunge band behind him Half the crowd walked out, the other half were on their feet raving. Fabulous...

Larry Black in NY