Tuesday, February 14, 2006

mobile barcelona

Off to 3GSM yesterday to wonder at the sheer scale of it all in the massive exhibition halls of La Fira. Barcelona has put on its best face with beautiful clear sunny skies although reports from the airport of long taxiing from the distant runway to the terminal, even longer walks to the luggage carousels and yet longer taxi queues (there are of course thousands of taxis waiting when there is no demand for them...) probably were not the best first impressions for many new visitor.

What was very odd was the total lack of security. There was no body or bag scanning whatsoever and this on a day when the king, queen and Catlonian president were doing their official thing. There was much greater security when we went to the national art museum here

I got within 10 feet of all them when they visitedthe Vodafone pavilion and while there was no shortage of bodyguards, there was no cordon and one could have eaily taken them out.

The FT says 3GSM´s move from Cannes will save delegates €7 million or 22% of their spending last year on taxis, hotels and eating. The bandwagon is here for five years which means by my abacus they will spend around €120 million over that time.

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