Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Lander's Northern Tour

I've been on a small northern tour to interview financial advisers for New Model Adviser. First stop was Liverpool where the wonderful hospitality of Phil Melville of Argyle Financial Group extended to a visit to Anfield for a blood and thunder 200mph encounter between Liverpool and Arsenal which the home side scraped with a late winner. So different from watching Barca where the crowds are that much quieter and the game that much slower.

Thence to Newcastle via train, taking in some of England's most beautiful scenery in the lakes and Northumberland. Never been here before and it's something of a revelation - great light stone architecture, combining the best of Edinburgh's New Town with the towering bridge presence of Sydney. Great pubs as well - real narrow boozers with great beer of the type that really don't exist in london any more.

Bloody cold as well - not enough however to stop hordes of Geordies taking to the streets in t shirts and minis.

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